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Grammarians and Such

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Grammar Police
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Hi, this is Tonybologna, the creator and general manager/administrator of the Grammar Police. I created this community years ago because I was fed up with the terrible English mistakes that I saw all around me. Now, my once-fledgling community has several hundreds of members. I'm a bit proud of myself and this community I've created.

No one here is perfect, nor does anyone expect everyone else to be. There are probably a few errors in this very paragraph. I'm just fed up with the lack of effort to use proper grammar around me. So, if you want to join, go ahead. This is an open community. Have a good time while you're here.

If you join, I DO ask that you make an inaugural post. You can also ask for my mailing address to send me lots of money, as I like to travel a lot. Also, check here for some relevant info (and lots of wacky language) on what you should expect to find upon your arrival here. Furthermore, and we say this with all the love in our hearts, do not join this community just to troll for homework help. If you get any, the mods will delete it, and they'll banninate you anyway unless you reform and actually participate in the community rather than just trying to leech from it.

Update (6/04/2007): And remember, kids, only moderators delete entries. Don't do it yourself. If you want one of your entries gone, ask a moderator to delete it. It might not happen, but at least you'll have asked. (Yes, you are physically able to, but we don't like when you do that. We warn, then we warn more sternly, then we banninate.)

Update (6/04/2007): We are not eBay. Posting links to items you or someone you know is selling is expressly forbidden. Linking to services for which you are paid is forbidden. The exceptions to this are as follows: if you work for a company, you may post a link to the company so long as the link and any other information about it is not reasonably seen in any way as your attempt to profit off that linking; you may post information about, including a picture of, items for sale, but may not indicate specifics of their sale.

If you want to post something but want to make sure you're allowed, contact one of the moderators. Do not post it first, then ask second.

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