marysue007 (marysue007) wrote in grammarpolice,

Hello everybody

Hello there,

I just joined  \o/  I wanted to drop in and say 'Hi".

I have a question or rather, a statement perhaps.
I have always thought that a candle and a candlestick were one and the same and a candlestick holder was the thing the candle or candlestick was put in to to easily move said candle or to avoid messes and fires.

It has always irked me when a writer would write, for example, "he gripped the brass candlestick that he snatched off the table".  Using 'candlestick' as the holder and not the candle.

I looked up candlestick vs candle, and according to Wikipedia a candlestick is a device that a candle 'sticks' into.     I accept that but I do not like it.  I always thought that a candlestick was a 'stick' shaped piece of wax with a wick in it.

What are your thoughts and/or feelings on the whole candlestick vs candle issue?
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