This is counterculture from the underground. (lafinjack) wrote in grammarpolice,
This is counterculture from the underground.

So, uh, hi there, I'm your new owner, overlord, head honcho, glorious leader, number one burrito, and whatever other platitudes you'd like to throw my way.

The previous owner and sole maintainer/moderator, tonybologna, seems to have deleted his account without setting up anyone to take care of the community. I've never spoken to him, and the only reason I'm the owner now is because I happened to notice he was gone first and talked to LJ Abuse.

My moderating style is to keep the beatings to a minimum. Ha ha! Thank you, thank you, I'll be here all week, please tip your waitstaff. But seriously, I have no intention to mess with anything at all. For various reasons I'm almost always near the computer, so if anything pops up all my contact info is in my profile. I'll be watching, but obviously can't keep an eye on everything at once.

Since I'm uncomfortable with being the only person with power, if anyone would like to volunteer to help moderate I'd appreciate it.

And finally, I'll be clearing the moderation queue and removing the queue entirely, and setting this post as sticky for a week or so just to make sure people know what's going on.

Thanks for your understanding during the putsch!
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