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Relative vs. Appositive

I'm kind of confused by relative and appositive clauses. Firstly, as far as I understand relative and attributive clause is the same thing, isn't it?
I've been surfing the net to get a proper explanation of what an appositive clause is and got totally confused. Different sources explain it differently.

Source one:
1) The story that I wrote was published.
2) The story that I had resigned was published.
The first is relative (that can be replaced by which); the 2nd is appositive (that means "that is", and cannot be replaced by which)."

But by logic shouldn't those two clauses be called a non-defining and a defining one?

Source two:
1) appositive clause:  I like the idea that students can become independent learners. (the clause subject is different from the subject in the main sentence)
2) relative clause:  Students who become independent learners can continue to learn after they leave our classes. ("who" is the clause subject and stands for "students", the subject in the main sentence)

I incline to trust the second source, it makes more sense to me. And what do you think, guys?

Thanks for the comments!
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