paddyball (iampunha) wrote in grammarpolice,

The Greatest Grammarian: Round 1 ends; Round 2 begins

As per here, the first round of Find the Mistakes is over.

I counted 18 errors. The users who found the most legitimate (as determined by me) errors, in ascending order, are as follows:

kurla88: 4
linusrichard: 10

And the winner, who found 14 errors:


ecarrotsushi, grammarians worldwide salute you for your dedication to truly obnoxious text. By scrunching up your nose and dedicating yourself to the task at hand, you have shown us just how mindful and zealous our number can be.

Step forward, rogue grammarian, and receive thy prize.

You have 48 hours to post the next qualifying entry in Find the Mistakes. Should you waive this right, or should you fail to produce qualifying text, I will do so on your behalf. Find the Mistake II will end at 4 a.m. on July 28, 2006.

(Addendum to the rules as originally posted: You must actually correct the text. Merely saying "This, this and this should be changed" is insufficient. Post the entire text, and change what's wrong. Please also use code or otherwise denote where you have changed text. KTHX.)

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