September 19th, 2006


This turned up in a recent discussion:
They want to imprint what sort of character they believe she should be on people's conciouses before she ever appears on screen.
Now, I was ready to cite this as a mistake, and yet it strikes me that conscious and subconscious are used as nouns in psychoanalytic theory, for example, and might correctly be pluralised by adding -es. Your thoughts on this, please.
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ETA: Here's what Gawker had to say about it (
Normally, teasing the NYT over a typo might be beneath even our threshold of interest, but "Departmentportationion"? Seems like a compound mutation of "Department of Taxation [and Finance]," with a little bit of "Transportation" thrown in. Certainly one way to streamline a turgid bureaucracy.
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Argh! MLA format is so confusing and annoying. I have actually looked this up (so please don't kill me), but I can't figure out for sure what they mean...

Anyway, in general they say with in-text citations you go "Blah blah," (Author 89). Right? Does the same apply when you're referring to an article in an academic journal? *looks hopefully at horde of English-y people*

(If this isn't allowed, feel free to thwap me.)

ETA: Also, I understand when quoting plays, one gives the act, scene and line number. What if the play does not have line numbers provided? Can I revert to Author followed by page number?

Commas, Pronouns, and Fire Alarms

At my job, there was a fire drill planned for early last week. The universe surprised all of us by causing a real fire to occur that Monday. This incident generated such interesting sentences as the following:

The planned fire drill, you were notified about last week, will still occur. -- from our Communications Director.

The attached document from [name] and myself... -- in an email with fire safety notes attached.

2) Upon exiting the building, report to your primary reporting area (see below) and gather with your department to take attendance and one department representative should report the names of any unaccounted department staff or "that all dept staff are accounted for" to the holders of the Pink Attendance Signs. -- from the aforementioned attached document.

And, unrelated:

An Altima [license plate] in the visiting parking lot by building B has their lights on.

Upwardly mobile

My company has a habit of promoting people with, shall we say, a limited grasp on grammar. Here's our most recently-promoted supervisor's addition.

Mrs. Young, a (Client) customer called to let me know about the great service she received from (Representative). She said, that (Rep) saved her from having a nervous breakdown. (Rep) was very calm, professional and took care of the issue she had. Great job (Rep).
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