February 8th, 2005


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Can anyone understand what this guy is asking? (ANFSCD is a Monty Python movie)

Before ANFSCD was completed, one of the Pythons felt that one of the characters caused the part of the film it was in to drag and got it cut.
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Last night during the CBC news, there was a story that compared Iraq to Vietnam. For those who don't know, CBC is the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, our publically funded national station. Anyway, this was in large part a well-done story. Until, that is, they started talking about the 4 Ps of successful warfare. They even had a nice graphic up that listed them:


It's nice to see a highly researched and well-produced story on an important issue tarnished by a blatant misspelling writ large for all to see.

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An advertisement in the real estate section of Sunday's paper informed me that "almost 300 families have bought a home in Brentwood" in some recent interval of time.

Do they timeshare? If not, how do they fit them all in there?
  • dmains

In all the glory of the 13-year-old Elfwooders...

Darn my page was supposed to be publish just yesterday and now the site crashed. Wahhh!

yeah they makke too many updates to just makke backups every 2 months. I would have made a back up pf my page if I saw it. Atleast I still have my art work saved. This place is kinda cool.

And she's actually 22... Please, is my generation truly so ignorant? I am ashamed...

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Yet another alleged adware-destroyer appeared just now. Here are its dire threats:

Common signs: Slow computer speeds, advertisments, unwated pop ups. Don't allow your personal privacy to be invaided!

Oh, whatever shall I do if I am invaided?
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I agree, you should never have to justify your choice -it's yours. What we do need to do is set examples for those who haven't learned cell phone edicate or what I like to call, common sense. So, we must not use the phones while driving (especially in states where it's illegal) ...
Badass Mr Prince

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It all began in 4th grade. My teacher, Mrs. Williams, taught us that whenever somebody made a grammatical error (such as the ever-so-popular "Me and..." or "[Noun], [pronoun] [verb]") in class, we had full permission to raise our hands and correct the mistake. I was already pretty anal about things like grammar and spelling, and having an authority figure's approval just fired up my passion.

Five years later, I am probably one of the strictest grammarians in my grade. Of course, by no means am I perfect, so feel free to correct me. I also tend to write really long run-on sentences in my essays, connected by commas like some deformed train of eye-straining prosy goodness, as if I have no idea where my sentences began; I also happen to think semi-colons are neat, and that long sentences look better than short, choppy ones. (Oh, a period in this dry, dry desert of sentence...I'm not quite as bad as J.K. Rowling and her whole one paragraph=one sentence deals she does sometimes, though.)

Here's something from my local newspaper:

Kids inventions once again astounding

...hey, at least they didn't pull the "Oh shit an S omg I need an apostrophe!!!!1" thing that many do.