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[23 Apr 2012|04:25pm]

So, uh, hi there, I'm your new owner, overlord, head honcho, glorious leader, number one burrito, and whatever other platitudes you'd like to throw my way.

The previous owner and sole maintainer/moderator, tonybologna, seems to have deleted his account without setting up anyone to take care of the community. I've never spoken to him, and the only reason I'm the owner now is because I happened to notice he was gone first and talked to LJ Abuse.

My moderating style is to keep the beatings to a minimum. Ha ha! Thank you, thank you, I'll be here all week, please tip your waitstaff. But seriously, I have no intention to mess with anything at all. For various reasons I'm almost always near the computer, so if anything pops up all my contact info is in my profile. I'll be watching, but obviously can't keep an eye on everything at once.

Since I'm uncomfortable with being the only person with power, if anyone would like to volunteer to help moderate I'd appreciate it.

And finally, I'll be clearing the moderation queue and removing the queue entirely, and setting this post as sticky for a week or so just to make sure people know what's going on.

Thanks for your understanding during the putsch!
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Seen on a T-shirt: [13 Dec 2016|08:58pm]




That's Irony.
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Edumacation is impertinent. [12 Dec 2016|03:26pm]

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I'm a cereal killer. [29 Nov 2016|08:49am]

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On the correct usage of the term 'literally'. [18 Oct 2016|08:20pm]

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Prescriptivism [26 Sep 2016|11:39am]

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[13 Sep 2016|07:44pm]

When not using a hashtag to hashtag an entry, but the hashtag itself is being used as a noun in a properly constructed statement, does it receive a period? "Lots of #butts" versus "Lots of #butts."

How are hashtags supposed to be used in dialogue? Alice said "Have you seen butts?" referring to the hashtag, but should it be presented as "Have you seen butts?" or "Have you seen #butts?" even though she didn't pronounce the #?
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What is a grammatical error that you recently spotted? [17 Aug 2016|05:46pm]

It can be a large error or a small one. And if you haven't spotted one recently, then how about one that stays with you?
*figuratively...I hope.

I'm always surprised when I catch one in a legitimately published book.

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Hello everybody [29 May 2016|09:58am]

Hello there,

I just joined  \o/  I wanted to drop in and say 'Hi".

I have a question or rather, a statement perhaps.
I have always thought that a candle and a candlestick were one and the same and a candlestick holder was the thing the candle or candlestick was put in to to easily move said candle or to avoid messes and fires.

It has always irked me when a writer would write, for example, "he gripped the brass candlestick that he snatched off the table".  Using 'candlestick' as the holder and not the candle.

I looked up candlestick vs candle, and according to Wikipedia a candlestick is a device that a candle 'sticks' into.     https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Candlestick     I accept that but I do not like it.  I always thought that a candlestick was a 'stick' shaped piece of wax with a wick in it.

What are your thoughts and/or feelings on the whole candlestick vs candle issue?
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[09 May 2016|02:51pm]

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Many vs. Much w/Percentages [04 Apr 2016|04:34pm]

As many as 13% of voters disagree.

Can many be used with a percentage this way? At first I thought that I could replace it with As much as 13% . . ., but that seems even more awkward.
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Verb Tense; Past Statements About Current Conditions. [22 Dec 2015|11:04am]

I'm summarizing the results of a questionnaire. Which verb tense is appropriate for writing about previously expressed opinions pertaining to ongoing situations?

Half of physicians did not agree that similarly qualified men and women are equally likely to get leadership roles.

Half of physicians did not agree that similarly qualified men and women were equally likely to get leadership roles.
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What a hoot [01 Jul 2015|01:41pm]

Originally posted by germankitty at What a hoot
If "wizarding society is always tittering on the edge of civil war", they'll probably die laughing.

Found that gem in a series of essays on the HP-verse on Tumblr.
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Buffalo buffalo Buffalo. [02 Jun 2015|03:55pm]

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English is Weird [20 Apr 2015|09:32am]

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25 words that are their own opposites: [14 Mar 2015|06:48am]

Source: http://mentalfloss.com/article/57032/25-words-are-their-own-opposites

Because English isn't confusing enough!

under here: it"s more common than you may thinkCollapse )

WANT MORE? http://www.dailywritingtips.com/75-contronyms-words-with-contradictory-meanings/
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Grammar police: Your mugs are here. [07 Mar 2015|07:44am]


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Why Is The Dollar Sign A Letter S? [08 Feb 2015|11:11am]

It has more to do with pesos than you may think!

I'd copy and paste the whole article, but there are a lot of links and pictures that may be of additional interest, so I recommend going to the site to check it out; a short article that's long on information!
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Important issues. [28 Nov 2014|09:37am]

Is there a rule for connected compound words that involve proper nouns that don't begin the word?

Like, which is correct:

Poll #1990571 Important issues.

other (please explain in comments)
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Mary J. Blige is confused by your punctuation usage [25 Nov 2014|06:44am]

 photo SpotifyQM.jpg
"Am I seeing things, or are there an odd number of quotation marks in that text?"

(I assume that's who that is.)
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